College of Construction

The PCL College of Construction is the cornerstone of the company’s learning culture. Igniting innovation and enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness, PCL’s college is a dynamic, industry-leading resource for all PCL employees to enhance their current skills and develop new ones.

PCL hires, develops, and retains the best talent in
the construction industry. Professional development
at PCL is an ongoing process that helps employees
gain knowledge, improve skills, and deliver excellent
performance. Watch this video to see how PCL's
commitment to development gives you the career

Looking to build your career?


The college offers interactive and engaging learning programs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of all employees through a variety of delivery methods including classroom instruction, e-learning, books, videos, and mentoring.

As an industry leader, PCL employs industry experts, and learning from these experts is one of the ways PCL helps you to develop and build your career. PCL supports all forms of professional development and believes that one of the most effective ways of learning and teaching can be achieved through mentoring. In addition, PCL recognizes employees who independently pursue professional development with external resources.

PCL dedicates a team of in-house professional development educators to offer a wide variety of consulting and coaching services to help employees achieve exceptional high performance. Through the college, you will have the learning tools at your disposal to drive your career and your career development.

Learning is a never-ending process, and PCL wants all employees to be successful in their careers. 


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