Frequently Asked Questions - Applying for a job at PCL

How do I find out about jobs with PCL?
All current, open positions can be found online on PCL’s website.  As well, all positions are posted on PCL’s Facebook page.

I’ve found a job I’m interested in. How do I apply?
For any position you are interested in, you must apply online using PCL’s applicant tracking system.  As part of this application process, you must create a profile containing your current contact information and qualifications.

What browser should I use when applying for a job through
Depending on your computer and operating system, you should use one of the following browsers:

  • If you are applying on a computer using Windows XP, please use Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 13, or Chrome 19 as your browser.
  • If you are applying on a computer using Windows Vista or Windows 7, please use Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 13, or Chrome 19 as your browser.
  • If you are applying on a Mac computer using the operating system OS X 10.7 or later, please use Safari 6.x as your browser.

I have missed the deadline for a position. Can I still apply?
If a position is no longer posted online, the position has been closed and you will no longer be able to apply for that position.

Do I have to submit a résumé and an application form?
You are not required to submit a résumé and application form.  You can manually input your information into the online application form. However, you must attach one document when you set up your profile. This attachment can be a cover letter, résumé, references, or any other document that is relevant to your application.

Can two people use the same e-mail address to apply?
No, your e-mail address is part of your personal profile in PCL’s applicant tracking system.

What are the advantages to applying online?
Filling in an online application is an effective way to quickly get your information and resume to the right recruiter.
You can update your profile at any time so that your information is up-to-date.
Your application can be shared with other recruiters for similar roles, if you chose this option.

What can I do to improve my chances of finding employment with PCL?
The number of positions you apply for does not increase your opportunity for being hired. PCL encourages all interested applicants to apply for positions for which they qualify. Every application will be given equal consideration in the hiring process.

Does PCL accept education and experience gained outside of Canada or the US?
Yes. If any formal education was completed outside Canada or the US, please indicate in your application whether your education has been evaluated for equivalency, and if so, by whom.

Will I receive an update on my application status?
You will not be able to view your status online.  If your profile meets our requirements for the position, a member of PCL’s Human Resources department will contact you.

What if I forget my password?
Click on the Forgot my Password link and you will receive an e-mail with a new password and a request to change your password.

What if I forget my username?
Click on the Forgot my Username link and you will receive an e-mail with your username.

What is the maximum size of document that I can attach to my profile/application?
The maximum document size that you can upload is 2.08 MB.

I received an error message indicating that I can’t upload a document. What file formats are supported?
The following file formats are supported:  .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, and HTML.

How many attachments am I allowed to attach to my profile?
You can attach up to 10 documents on your profile.