PCL in Your Community

PCL builds communities through projects using steel and concrete, but the organization also builds hope—hope for individuals and families. Across the United States, the PCL family of companies contributes thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars each year to humanitarian and community development organizations, educational programs, healthcare facilities, environmental initiatives, and support for our veterans and military members.

  • PCL strives to make a positive and permanent contribution to society by supporting community development programs that feed the hungry and promote a greater appreciation for the arts. PCL employees help transform the lives of those in need through many donations and in-kind gifts.

  • Quality education is the cornerstone of thriving communities. PCL’s educational outreach ranges from supporting color and number knowledge in early-learning centers to teaching the latest construction technology at graduate-level programs.

  • Healthy communities are strong and connected communities. PCL partners with health organizations and various hospitals to provide employees with education to improve their well-being. By doing so, PCL is able to raise awareness of health topics vital to the community.

  • PCL’s commitment to environmental responsibility is grounded in the guiding principles of social responsibility and environmental consciousness. For PCL, economic sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship mean supporting environmental initiatives.

  • PCL values the qualities that veterans and military members bring to the organization. PCL continuously provides support through participation in local, national, and North America–wide outreach programs.
Additionally, PCL supports United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and Red Cross agencies throughout North America.

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