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PCL Companies

The PCL family of companies is composed of a number of independent construction companies that carry out operations in different construction markets and geographic areas.

Melloy Industrial Services Inc.

​Operating in Edmonton, Alberta, Melloy specializes in heavy industrial maintenance, turnaround contracting, and code vessel fabrication and modification. Melloy mobilizes up to 1,000 tradespeople to execute shutdowns ranging in duration from a few days to several weeks. 

John Aitken
Vice President and General Manager, Edmonton – Melloy Industrial Services

PCL Energy Inc.

PCL Energy (formerly Monad Industrial), located in Edmonton, Alberta, operates primarily in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories, and is a diversified general industrial construction company servicing the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, power, alternate energy, and pulp and paper industries.

PCL Builders Inc.

​PCL Builders Inc. self-performs construction work in Alberta and directly hires many of the tradespeople, such as carpenters, laborers, concrete finishers, and operators, who work on building and civil infrastructure project sites. PCL Builders Inc. also employs many senior field personnel, including superintendents, supervisors, and foremen, as well as other site personnel, including field engineers and safety professionals.

Kent Dietrich
Workforce Manager, Edmonton – Workforce
Mark Alton
Workforce Manager – Southern Alberta, Calgary – Workforce

PCL Construction Management Inc.

​PCL Construction Management Inc. provides construction services throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. The work is conducted out of four offices, strategically located in the major centers of Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and Saskatoon. Each office location provides full design-build, general contracting, and construction management services.

Alan Kuysters
Vice President and District Manager, Edmonton – Buildings & Civil Construction
Blaine Maciborsky
Vice President, Calgary – Buildings & Civil Construction
Rob Otway
Vice President and District Manager, Calgary – Buildings & Civil Construction
Sean Hamelin
District Manager, Regina – Buildings & Civil Construction
Todd Craigen
District Manager, Saskatoon – Buildings & Civil Construction

PCL Construction Resources Inc.

The capital assets of the PCL family of companies are managed and maintained by PCL Construction Resources Inc. in Canada and PCL Construction Resources (U.S.A.), Inc. in the United States.

Cam Langevin
President, Edmonton – Resources

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

PCL Constructors Canada Inc. is responsible for most construction activities in Central and Eastern Canada. The work is performed through offices located in Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. Each office location provides full design-build, general contracting and construction management services. 

Bruce Sonnenberg
District Manager, Toronto – Buildings & Civil Construction
John Volcko
Vice President and District Manager, Halifax – Buildings & Civil Construction
Kevin Skinner
Vice President and District Manager, Ottawa – Buildings & Civil Construction
Mike Wieninger
District Manager, Toronto – Buildings & Civil Construction
Sean Barnes
Vice President and District Manager, Winnipeg – Buildings & Civil Construction

PCL Constructors Inc.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, PCL Constructors Inc. provides advice and services, on a direct and consultation basis, to independent operating companies within the PCL family of companies. Within the company, there are primarily seven functional areas: Finance and Administration, Operations Support, Information Systems, Professional Development, Safety and Environment, Human Resources, and Communications.

Dave Filipchuk
President and Chief Operating Officer, Canadian and Australian Operations
Rob Holmberg
Chief Operating Officer, Buildings
Chris Gower
Executive Vice President

PCL Constructors Northern Inc.

PCL Constructors Northern Inc. is the largest, most experienced open-shop construction company north of the 60th parallel. PCL's construction professionals are familiar with the challenges that remote projects offer, such as complex shipping and location logistics, extreme cold weather construction, and permafrost construction technologies.

PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.

Based in British Columbia, PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. is an open-shop contracting company involved primarily in the construction of commercial, institutional, industrial and multifamily residential projects. Two main offices are located in Vancouver and Kelowna.

Anibal Valente
Vice President, Vancouver – Buildings & Civil Construction, Kelowna – Buildings & Civil Construction
Sean Brock
Vice President and District Manager, Vancouver – Buildings & Civil Construction, Kelowna – Buildings & Civil Construction

PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.

PCL Industrial Constructors Inc. is a diversified general industrial construction company located in Edmonton, Alberta, that owns and operates a large sophisticated pipe fabrication shop and module yard facility.

Gary Trigg
Vice President, Fabrication, Edmonton – Industrial Fabrication
Gary Truhn
Vice President and General Manager, Edmonton – Industrial Construction

PCL Industrial Management Inc.

PCL Industrial Management Inc. is a construction management company located in Edmonton, Alberta, that services the heavy industrial marketplace in Western Canada.

Travis Chorney
Vice President and General Manager, Edmonton – Industrial Management

PCL Intracon Power Inc.

Operating in Edmonton, Alberta, PCL Intracon Power Inc. offers complete power and instrumentation installations in all types of heavy industrial environments.

Chris Pullen
General Manager, Edmonton – Intracon Industrial Power

PCL Permanent Modular Construction

Operating in Toronto, Ontario, PCL Permanent Modular Construction provides off-site prefabrication and modularization services. A state-of-the-art production facility allows PCL to self-perform a wide variety of work in a controlled manufacturing environment.

Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.

​Nordic PCL provides full design-build, general contracting, and construction management services. Clients benefit from early project involvement with preconstruction services such as conceptual and detailed estimating, budget development and cost control, project scheduling, building information modeling, and global procurement. Nordic PCL also provides project management, administration, accounting, human resources, and marketing/business development support.

Aaron Wiehe
District Manager, Honolulu – Buildings Construction
Glen Kaneshige
President, Honolulu – Buildings Construction

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc., with three office locations in the United States. PCL’s offices in Tampa, Seattle, and Raleigh tackle virtually any infrastructure work, from highway, airport and port construction, to a main focus on bridge construction.

Ankur Talwar
District Manager, Seattle – Civil Construction (Transportation Infrastructure)
Gayle Grady
District Manager, Tampa – Civil Construction (Transportation Infrastructure)
Jim Schneiderman
Area Manager, Raleigh – Civil Construction (Transportation Infrastructure)

PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

​Denver-based PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company for the wholly owned, independent operating entities located within the United States. Three primary markets are commercial buildings, civil infrastructure, and heavy industrial construction.

Luis Ventoza
Chief Operating Officer, Civil Infrastructure
Shaun Yancey
President and Chief Operating Officer, US Operations

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

PCL Construction Services, Inc. is responsible for all commercial construction activities in the United States. Work spans the United States, and is directed out of offices located in Anchorage, Charlotte, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, San Diego, and Seattle.

Dale Kain
Vice President and District Manager, California Buildings, Los Angeles – Buildings Construction, San Diego – Buildings Construction
Frank Terrasi
Vice President and District Manager, Denver – Buildings Construction, Vail – Buildings Construction
Jack Sample
District Manager, Los Angeles – Buildings Construction
Jeff Westphal
Vice President and District Manager, Orlando – Buildings Construction, Charlotte – Buildings Construction
Mike Headrick
District Manager, Minneapolis – Buildings Construction
Scott Ivany
Area Manager, Anchorage – Buildings Construction
Tom Doig
Vice President and District Manager, Seattle – Buildings Construction

PCL Industrial Construction Co.

PCL Industrial Construction Co. is a diversified heavy industrial contractor, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas, with extensive experience in the power, oil, gas, chemical, cement/aggregates, mining/minerals, and pulp and paper industries. An expansive project portfolio consists of work throughout the United States.

John Moreno
Vice President and General Manager, Houston – Industrial Construction, Atlanta – Industrial Construction

PCL Industrial Services, Inc.

PCL Industrial Services Inc. is a full-service heavy industrial general contractor located in the oil-rich central valley of Bakersfield, California, serving the southwestern United States. PCL Industrial Services owns and operates a vessel fabrication and platework facility, and an industrial painting shop.

Joe Carrieri
Vice President and General Manager, Bakersfield – Industrial Construction

PCL Construction, Inc.

From offices in Phoenix, Tampa and Los Angeles, PCL Construction, Inc. serves the water/waste-water infrastructure (e.g., treatment plants, pipelines) markets throughout the US.

Doug Schmits
Area Manager, Dallas – Civil Construction (Water Infrastructure)
Mike McKinney
District Manager, Phoenix – Civil Construction (Water Infrastructure), Los Angeles - Civil Construction (Water Infrastructure)
Richard Hewitt
Area Manager, Tampa – Civil Construction (Water Infrastructure)
Tom O’Donnell
Regional Vice President , Phoenix – Civil Construction (Water Infrastructure)

PCL Constructors Pacific Rim Pty Ltd.

​PCL’s Melbourne operations are dedicated to the construction of the Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) as part of a  public-private partnership (P3) for design, build, finance, and facilities management. PCL is partnered with Plenary Health (CCC) Pty Ltd, Grocon Constructors (Vic) Pty Ltd, and Honeywell Limited on this project.

PCL Constructors Bahamas Ltd.

PCL Constructors Bahamas Ltd. is a Bahamian Corporation, licensed to perform work in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 


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