Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP)

Public-private partnerships, also known as Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) projects, are achieving widespread acceptance as a way of delivering large capital construction projects.

Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) 

PCL is recognized as one of the most experienced P3 construction contractors in the world. PCL is a construction company known for working with governments at all levels to explore new ways to deliver infrastructure projects, including schools, hospitals, justice facilities, and transportation projects.

One of the main benefits of a P3 is the transfer of risk (e.g., operating, maintenance, design, construction and rehabilitation costs, financing rates, and timing) from taxpayers to the private sector. By doing so, projects can be brought on line with a high level of certainty for cost, schedule, quality, availability, and service.

The result is significant opportunity for innovation in design, construction, financing, asset management, and delivery of construction services.


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