Special Projects

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PCL’s Special Projects division.​
PCL’s Special Projects division meets the specialized needs of our clients and their unique, smaller projects. Special Projects offers the best of two worlds: the commitment, responsiveness, and quality of a local contractor, along with the expertise, knowledge, and safety culture of a large contracting organization. Using a hands-on, individualized approach to special projects, the division consistently delivers exceptional outcomes for new and repeat clients across North America. View past work of our Special Projec​ts division​​.

tenant improvements
When a tenant moves into a new space or wants to upgrade an existing space, they rely on a construction specialist who can complete the work efficiently without disruption to surrounding work environments. A PCL Special Projects division coordinates with existing building systems and infrastructure, and provides multiphased appro​aches if necessary to minimize costs and time.   ​

Commercial Retail
From luxury boutiques to sit​e development and construction of multiple retail units, Special Projects division focuses on providing solutions to ensure clients’ g​oals are ex​ceeded, and both tenants and patrons enjoy the experience as soon as possible. PCL has experience in highly finished construction for tenant spaces in new and existing retail centers.​

PCL’s Special Projects division delivers for hospitality clients a full range of services that include new construction and renovations of fully operational hotels, wellness centers, and restaurants. With a particular emphasis on brand recognition and quality workmanship, hospitality projects are often specialized and phased to facilitate our clients’ unique challenges.

Healthcare projects require a precise understanding of the challenges of working in a sensitive environment, often within a fully operational facility. The Special Projects division understands these requirements and is proud of its continued involvement in and success on a number of medical clinics, laboratories, and similar projects built within hospitals across North America for private and public
healt​hcare organizations. 

The Special Projects division serves municipalities with construction of buildings that support mission-critical services. Some of these projects ​are carried out within larger institutions such as airports and prisons, while other official buildings such as fire halls and police stations may be completed entirely by the division. These community-based projects are often on display and require a high degree of attention to keep the general public and workers safe.

PCL believes that the environment in which the student, professor, and staff become a team has an impact on the learning experience and the quality of education. The Special Projects division's experience in education includes the new construction and renovation of libraries, auditoriums, dormitories, study halls, and stand-alone schools.

building revitalization
Whether a building is reaching the end of its lifecycle or needs to be repurposed, PCL’s Special Projects division offers you a comprehensive suite of expert services to restore, renew, or refresh your assets. Bringing cost-effective solutions and specialized trade contractors to complete the work, PCL’s unique experiences range from major restoration projects on historic sites to recladding aging downtown office tower complexes. 

light civil
Many cities and municipalities have an ongoing need for improvements to their infrastructure. These include bridge rehabilitation, water treatment upgrades, parking garages, and transportation centers. Such projects are often located in the midst of active communities and require pedestrian-protection plans and control measures for adjacent business operations.

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