Mobility and Connectivity

It is important for project teams to receive information wherever they are—the field is no exception. PCL is a construction company that is always looking for ways to utilize the newest technologies to serve its clients. Project teams are open to exploring any technologies that could benefit the project. Today, PCL leverages these technologies on a daily basis:
    in the field allow project teams to receive important information from PCL proprietary systems like Safety Management Center (SMC)—a system that gives site managers safety data in real time.

  • Electronic touch-screen kiosks throughout the job site provide access to digitized, updated blueprints so team members don’t have to waste time tracking down the paper versions.

  • Mobile devices allow PCL employees to access their email and information on other PCL systems securely and efficiently in the office, field, and home to ensure the efficient delivery of construction services.

  • Social Media keeps you up-to-date on the latest PCL news, and it helps PCL find the best people to serve its clients.


As technology opens up new possibilities for construction contractors, PCL’s clients are able to experience the benefits of mobile and connected project teams.