Community Giving

PCL believes in building strong communities by contributing time, talent, and resources to the localities in which employees live and work.

PCL - United Way
PCL - Red Cross

PCL employees recognize that coworkers, neighbors, and families all benefit from living in healthier, stronger communities, and help to bring this about by providing financial support to United Way. United Way supports local agencies that offer a variety of human service programs that help make communities more secure and resilient.
PCL’s 46-year relationship with United Way is founded in a multitude of district-run campaigns and a corporate matching program. In 2014, PCL raised more than $7.1 million for 19 United Way and member organizations throughout North America. From donation challenges to fundraisers and silent auctions, PCL employees across the organization have found ways to demonstrate excellence in their commitment to community investment and are together creating a lasting impact on the communities they call home.


In addition to the contributions made to the United Way and its partners, PCL also renewed an important relationship with the Canadian and American Red Cross in 2014. In 2012, PCL committed $100,000 to the American Red Cross and $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross, over three consecutive years, for a total of $600,000, to help fund disaster preparedness. This multinational donation was among the first of its kind.
The new commitment will see PCL’s previous donation extended to three more years and another $600,000 to be split between the two organizations. In real terms, this proactive commitment will provide financial support for emergent, life-saving Red Cross services—and will help the organizations to better prepare communities for crisis situations.

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