PCL Helps Santa with Special Delivery to Humber River Hospital

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Toronto, ON (December 20, 2013) – Workers at the Humber River Hospital construction site received an early holiday surprise on December 20 when a giant gift made a grand entrance through the gates of the construction site.
Wrapped in white plastic and colossal red ribbon to resemble gift wrap, project staff excitedly tore into the enormous package to discover that PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto) was spreading holiday cheer to mark a milestone in the development of a key feature of the new hospital – its patient washrooms.
PCL has pre-fabricated and delivered 360 patient washroom modules for the 1.8 million square foot Humber River Hospital project over the past three months, much faster than these could have been stick-built on site. The gift presentation marked delivery of the final patient washroom, module #360!
The units were constructed using permanent modular construction (PMC), an industry building practice that is rapidly gaining popularity and where PCL is breaking new and innovative ground.
“As inherent solution providers, our PCL team uses industry-leading virtual construction technology to identify elements of a construction project that can be prefabricated as modules of various sizes and complexity in a controlled factory environment,” says PCL Toronto executive vice president Chris Gower.
“This approach generates less waste and reduces vehicle traffic to and from the main jobsite. It also provides an alternative way of approaching the logistical challenges associated with traditional site-built construction projects,” adds Gower.
PMC significantly improves the productivity and efficiency of the construction process, while reducing the time required to build components onsite. A safe and standardized method of building, modular construction is completed in a controlled environment, independent of weather or other variables, which ensures a finished product of the highest quality.
“Offsite modular construction creates the opportunity for components to be prepared offsite simultaneously with work being done onsite, which allows us to assemble more specialized workforces to increase efficiencies, while enhancing quality on any project – all of which helps us save our clients both time and money,” says PCL vice president of Permanent Modular Construction, Mark Taylor.
Certain areas of the Humber River Hospital, such as patients’ washrooms, and telecommunications/data rooms were perfect candidates for modular construction.
The modules were fabricated in PCL’s 40,000-square-foot PMC production facility in Mississauga. With easy access to road, rail, and ship, the facility enables PCL to conveniently serve the prefabrication needs of clients across North America.
“By prefabricating data rooms in our production facility, electricians were able to complete the data system earlier, which was an early win for their critical path,” adds Taylor. 
The compact modules incorporating finishing, mechanical and electrical trade scopes are slipped into the building structure where, once in place using telescoping structure which aligns the inner and outer structure, the module is expanded to finished height for quick tie-in to main services, dry-walling and painting.

“This is truly a plug and play solution that is saving the project significant time and resources, while minimizing environmental impacts,” says Taylor.

About PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in Australia. These diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets are supported by a strategic presence in 31 major centres. Backed by PCL’s 100 year legacy, and with more than four decades of experience in Southwestern Ontario’s dynamic construction market, the Toronto office is PCL’s largest district with more than 600 of the construction industry’s most-talented professionals and an annual construction volume of more than $1.6 billion. For more information, visit PCL.com.

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Benefits of Permanent Modular Construction (PMC):

  • By utilizing PMC on the Humber River Hospital project, engineering, module assembly, and site work were able to proceed concurrently, significantly reducing overall cycle time.
  • Improved site access, reduced congestion and trade stacking, and less need for scaffolding all enhance productivity and safety.
  • Modularization allows workers to perform a constant scope of work closer to the ground and in accordance with consistent standards, procedures, and policies.
  • Because so much construction is performed off-site, modularization greatly reduces workforce requirements including camp and transportation costs.
  • PMC reinforces PCL’s century-long track record as a construction company dedicated to providing construction services and innovative solutions focused on meeting the unique needs of every client.

About Humber River Hospital project:

  • PCL Constructors Canada Inc. Toronto is the design-builder of North America's first fully digital hospital, planned to be a technological and environmental showcase.
  • The new state-of-the-art acute care facility is being constructed on a block of approximately 27 acres at Keele Street and Highway 401 in northwest Toronto.
  • Construction is currently 65 per cent complete, with approximately 1,500 workers on site daily.
  • The project is on budget and on schedule for completion in Spring 2015 and will open to provide patient care in Fall 2015.
  • Currently, workers are focused on completing the building exterior and interior finishing.
  • When completed, the new hospital will be approximately 1.8 million square feet.
  • For more information: www.hrrh.ca/redevelopment.