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 Partners in Building


PCL is a construction company that knows the most important part of the construction business lies in the value of working relationships. PCL applies a collaborative approach to construction.

As a construction contractor, PCL adds value for customers and business partners by working to reduce costs, tighten schedules, and provide safe worksites. It transforms contractual relationships into a cohesive project team with a single set of goals and established procedures for resolving issues before they become disputes.


 Resources for PCL's Partners


PCL has developed systems and processes that make collaboration easy. If you are a client, a subcontractor, a supplier, a consultant, or a joint-venture partner, your partnership with PCL is enhanced through
  • Project Document Controls (PDC) Sites and Pursuit Sites
  • Plan Rooms
  • Subguard
Also, the PCL family of companies has a wealth of resources to help you make well-informed business decisions. These resources include
  • Prequalification and Financial Requirements
  • Procurement and Equipment
  • Tools and Reference
To access these resources, please click on the appropriate link on the footer navigation on any page of this website.