PCL : Lift Station 85 Albert Whitted Master, Force Main Part E, and Related Projects

Lift Station 85 Albert Whitted Master, Force Main Part E, and Related Projects

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to construct a new master lift station to intercept all flow from the aging Albert Whitted Water Reclamation Facility (AWWRF) and transmit it to the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant. Upon completion of the project, the AWWRF was decommissioned.

The project was composed of three main work components in addition to construction of the lift station: storm drainage improvements to 8th Avenue, installation of 2,800 linear feet of 30-inch diameter ductile iron pipe, and the installation of pipelines for injection well connections. Work within these components included a below-grade concrete wet well and dry pit, climate-controlled electrical room, installation of a 330 HP pump with valves/piping and related electrical instrumentation systems, and the relocation of existing water, sewer, odor control, and power supply systems.

As a solution provider, PCL performed sewer modifications to the plant’s influent pipeline in an adjacent airport. This work required knowledge of the location and direction of the existing pipelines for adequate fabrication of the fiberglass manholes that would replace the precast manholes. The project team worked with a project surveyor to perform vacuum subsurface exploration to verify the locations of the existing pipelines. This enabled PCL to more accurately fabricate the fiberglass manholes using more current information than that found in the contract documents. This solution shortened the duration and the extent to which the airport’s runway was impacted, thereby: mitigating the risk to both PCL and the City of St. Petersburg.


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