PCL’s sophisticated approach to scheduling means that projects will be delivered on time. The project schedule serves as a primary means of relaying construction plans to you from the construction company. The construction schedule also communicates means and methods, as well as planned sequences and timing for a project.
Two PCL employees planning and scheduling a construction project.

Schedule development starts during the preconstruction stage. As the construction contractor, PCL develops the sequence, logic, and manpower requirements for the most efficient and cost-effective means of building a project.

PCL’s clients benefit from a “save-time/save-money” process. Best practices and technology are shared within PCL through an in-house scheduling user group, which includes representatives from the entire PCL family of construction companies.


PCL’s scheduling approach is a team process incorporating input from the client, architect, and engineers, as well as subcontractors. By engaging all personnel in developing the schedule, each team member becomes more invested and accountable to the project milestones.


The construction schedule can be integrated with a virtual construction model to create a “4D” schedule. This enables field staff to better visualize the work sequence and productivity expectations, as well as the finished project.


Construction delays are controlled and minimized through constant and proactive communication with all trades and suppliers, weekly onsite meetings, three-week look-ahead schedules, and a detailed construction plan that describes the sequence of all tasks prior to commencing work.

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