Building Homes and Hope

If you’ve never volunteered in your community—get out there and do it. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you know you are helping to improve someone else’s life. The opportunities are endless. You can serve a meal, teach a child to read, or even build a home.

PCL, construction, sustainability, Habitat for HumanityThe PCL team hard at work in Hawaii on a Habitat for
Humanity project.

PCL, construction, sustainability, Habitat for HumanityPCLers working on the Globeville Habitat project build
in north Denver.
PCL, construction, sustainability, Habitat for HumanityPCLers in Minneapolis on their 2013 Habitat builds
Last month, I had the privilege of celebrating the success of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and hearing former US President Jimmy Carter speak about what’s most important to him: his wife Rosalynn and the Carter Work Project. There is something electric about being in a room (well, a large stadium actually) with 3,000 other people who “get it.” Building homes is really more about building hope for families and communities.
Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit that has been providing affordable housing to well-deserving families since 1974. President Carter and his wife dedicate a week each year to help build Habitat homes somewhere in the world—called the Carter Work Project. They engage thousands of volunteers with their presence to make a real impact on a community and raise awareness about the incredible need for housing.
Thirty years later, Habitat builds a new home every four minutes! Imagine being a part of that. In Denver, PCL was lucky to be part of the Carter Work Project in the Globeville neighborhood this year and provided a great opportunity to celebrate Habitat’s mission and success.
It’s always an amazing opportunity to see a current or past president speak in person, but it’s especially meaningful to hear someone talk about something so close to their heart. President Carter reinforced the belief of Habitat for Humanity and all their volunteers. In a quote from he said, “Everyone deserves a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, and that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all.”
Carter emphasized that regardless of your political or religious beliefs, everyone deserves a roof over their head and the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their family. Children who grow up in a Habitat home are twice as likely to graduate from college. Working alongside a future homeowner is an amazing experience, and when you see that family open the front door to their home and light up with a smile, you know you were part of something real.
As an employee and owner at PCL, I’m proud of the contribution PCL has made to Habitat for Humanity across the US and Canada on a corporate level, but I’m most proud of the thousands of volunteer hours that our employees give with Habitat and many other organizations locally. Each one of our districts has had a positive effect in the communities where they live and operate.
As PCL’s US president and COO Peter Beaupré has expressed in the past, “PCL’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Habitat’s mission to promote positive changes in our communities, while demonstrating stewardship of people and natural resources.”
Through our collaboration with organizations such as Habitat, PCL has seen an increase in employee engagement and the alignment of our philanthropic efforts with our evolving diversity and sustainability programs. There has never been a better time to volunteer in your communities, so get out there and do it!



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