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PCL’s employees are passionate about all aspects of the contracting business and are pleased to be able to share their expertise through industry-related blogs. Please join the conversation by leaving your comments. PCL reserves the right to review and approve all public comments prior to posting.
  • Mixing it up with PCL’s students

    PCL’s co-op students are true PCLers; their enthusiasm gets them involved with the PCL community even outside of their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Student to Full-Time

    Scott Blumell discusses how his internship with PCL was the single best part of his education.
  • Two Districts and One Great Learning Experience

    Usama Hamid shares his experience working in multiple districts.
  • A Co-op Term Not Quite By-The-Numbers

    Melissa Monaghan discusses why she decided to extend her work term with PCL.
  • Becoming an Asset

    Daisy Herrera discusses her career aspiration to become a Superintendent.
  • The Mod Yard Experience

    Evan Skjel shares his experience working as an engineering student at the Mod Yard this summer.
  • Switch It Up

    Scott Klinger talks about his five co-op terms with PCL and the benefit of gaining experience in different departments and different districts.
  • Exceeding my Expectations

    My name is Riley McCutcheon. I started an 8-month co-op work term with PCL in January and am currently working as a field engineer student on a fertilizer expansion project just outside of Saskatoon.
  • Construction Rework - Guard Against the Hazards

    An industry-wide occurrence, rework can be prompted by a number of causes (including client change orders), significantly degrading project cost, schedule performance, and as we at PCL have learned, safety performance.
    TAGS: Safety
  • Take Time to Investigate Safety Violations Prior to Disciplinary Actions

    Recently, we’ve noticed a trend in how some construction companies are identifying “life-critical tasks” or activities that could result in serious or fatal incidents.
    TAGS: Safety
  • The Importance of Safety Planning in Construction

    Of all the workplace deaths in 2013, approximately 1 in 5 were in the construction industry—two workers per day.
    TAGS: Safety
  • It’s a New Year, Get Your Head In the Game

    PCL Construction starts every New Year with a “Welcome Back” campaign during the first few days of the year to refocus employees’ attention on preventing injuries and illnesses.
    TAGS: Safety
  • Recharging at Greenbuild

    ​Each year I look forward to the Greenbuild International Conference to provide the excitement and recharge I need to focus on and promote sustainable design and construction at PCL.
  • Preventing Safety Incidents

    “You may never know about the incidents that you prevent.” This statement is a lament of many safety professionals, and it applies equally to managers and supervisors who are working hard to prevent injuries.
    TAGS: Safety
  • How to Build a Quality Bridge—One Bolt at a Time

    As the national director of quality management for the sixth largest general contractor in the US, the most daunting task for me is to convince others to have the same passion for producing a quality product that I do.
    TAGS: Quality