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More Bridges, Less Poverty

For over four years I have been an employee of PCL’s Transportation Infrastructure Group. In that time I have had the opportunity to work on some exciting and rewarding construction projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. I’ve also wanted to use my experience as an engineer beyond my backyard for quite some time and, thanks to PCL’s support, I have been able to do just that.

Brooke shore bending rebar in the shade for the El Dorado Bridge in Condega, Nicaragua.Brooke Shore bending rebar in the shade
for the El Dorado Bridge in Condega,

The Bridges to Prosperity team at the finished El Dorado bridge site.The Bridges to Prosperity team at the
finished El Dorado bridge site.


In May, I embarked on a three-month internship with the organization Bridges to Prosperity to help build vital foot bridges for rural villages in Nicaragua. As an intern, I will help lead bridge builds in two different communities. The bridges will allow the village residents to walk to school, seek medical attention, and go to work when rivers become impassable in the rainy season.

Interning with B2P is a chance to help others using the skills and experience I have, while gaining a new perspective on life through experiencing another culture. I'm excited to combine my loves of adventure and construction with B2P in Nicaragua, and to use my time and skills to help others. I will be sharing the progress of my projects and my other travel experiences right here each week.


In my first week and a half, I have settled in to Condega, Nicaragua, and I will be staying with a local family for the three months I’m here. My host family is very friendly, welcoming, and patient with my Spanish skills—which are improving.
One of my first contributions in my volunteer role was work on the El Dorado bridge just outside of town. I put some finishing touches on the bridge foundations and helped build an access trail in preparation for the arrival of a general contractor team that will assist during the last two weeks of construction. 
I am looking forward to the more involved work coming up at El Dorado and can already tell that this will be the experience of a lifetime.
Adios, until next week!


  • It's wonderful to hear that the opportunity has started off well! We look forward to your safe return.

    Felicia Bawdon


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