Electronic Plan Rooms and Kiosks

In the past, construction plan rooms were on-site trailers that housed large paper blueprints for the project. Each time a member of the project team wanted to view the plans, he or she was forced to visit the trailer.
An elecronic plan room in a PCL jobsite trailer.
PCL's electronic plan rooms and kiosks eliminate the need for cumbersome paper blueprints and allow project team members to view the digitized plans from various locations on the site. Construction plans are kept in digital form, or the paper versions are scanned and stored on the computer. Altering digitized plans is made quick and easy by leveraging various technologies, including large touch-screen monitors and efficient markup programs—to make numerous changes rapidly. Networked computer kiosks are placed throughout the project site, so the same set of digitized plans can be accessed from multiple locations.

Added Value

Digitized plans reduce printing costs and require limited storage space. Networked kiosks provide up-to-date information when and where team members need it. Productivity is increased because project teams can focus on the job instead of searching for the latest changes to a drawing. PCL is a construction company committed to exploring new technologies that will increase the efficiency of construction services for its clients.