Project Management System

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bridge or an airport—good project management is behind the success of any construction project. PCL has a proprietary in-house project management system that takes a plan from concept to completion.
PCL employees using a set of digital construction plans.
PCL’s project management system integrates several aspects of construction management including
  • Budgeting
  • Subcontract initiation/tracking
  • Costing and forecasting
  • Production
  • Reporting
PCL’s project management system also ties into several of the organization’s other business platforms including its client management and accounting systems, its People and Projects database, and its BEST Estimating system. With twelve modules ranging from project setup to costing and forecasting, PCL’s project management system ensures efficient, cost-effective completion of projects.

Added Value

When delivering construction services, PCL teams have the advantage of experience on their side. PCL’s project management system integrates knowledge gained through more than 100 years of lessons learned as a construction company and construction contractor.