Working for PCL in His Old Backyard

Manny Juncos was raised in South Central Los Angeles, an area that he remembers more for gangs and poverty than anything else. 
But his mother promoted the value of education, and the gang life wasn’t for him, so Juncos concentrated on school, graduating first from Loyola High and then the University of Southern California.
“My education was literally paid for in full through financial aid,” he said, “so working hard to get good grades has its rewards.”


After an initial period spent working for public accounting firms, Juncos entered the movie business and went to work as the lead accountant for a company that produces IMAX films. 
To those interested in working in the world of accounting, Juncos advises that you need to be detail-oriented and always looking for efficient ways to produce correct results for clients and customers. This is because companies such as PCL are always growing, and you will be continuously offered new challenges and opportunities. 


In 1997, Juncos, by then a CPA, answered a newspaper ad for a company called PCL. Since then he has been a project accountant and an accountant at the district level. He is now a district accounting manager.
“From the windows of the PCL office building, I can see the area where I grew up in the distance,” Juncos says. “But it’s a world away now.”