A “Warm” Relationship

It can be said that the best relationships—those that stand the test of time—are judged by how productive they are.

The installation of Uponor’s PEX plumbing and
radiant floor heating system in the company’s own
expanded facilities.

Uponor’s North American headquarters in Apple

When Uponor​​, a leading manufacturer of PEX plumbing and radiant floor heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial buildings, decided to continue a multiphased expansion of its North American headquarters in Apple Valley, Minnesota, it turned to a partner with whom it had a great deal of experience: PCL. And why not, given the fruitful relationship between the two organizations that had developed over nearly a decade.
“Uponor’s relationship with PCL began in 2004 when they first assisted us with expansion planning concepts and cost estimating,” said Uponor’s real estate manager Dan Hughes. “Although each project has been unique, PCL’s performance has been exceptional every time.”

A Growing Company with Growing Needs

As Uponor has grown over the years, their needs at the facility have grown in turn. The most recent expansion called for an addition of 17,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, in addition to 3,000 sq. ft. of employee service areas, to meet rising demands for their products and to accommodate the increase in staff at the bustling facility. The factory is so busy, in fact, that it created an extra challenge for the build team: ensuring that the facility remained open during construction so that it could manufacture the required amount of PEX tubing per day necessary to keep up with orders.
“We are a 24/7 operation, so we’re making PEX tubing every minute of every day,” said Rusty Callier, director of operations at Uponor.

Relationship Development at Each Stage

As on the other projects built for Uponor, PCL installed Uponor’s PEX plumbing and radiant floor heating systems. With Uponor developing a brand-new Radiant Rollout™ Mat product, the expansion offered another opportunity for relationship building between the two organizations. The difference for this project was that PCL worked hand-in-hand with Uponor to install the new product, helping to refine installation procedures for the matting.
“Uponor is an ideal client for PCL,” said John Jensvold, director of project development for PCL in Minneapolis. “I say that because the company places a high value on the ideas, solutions, and innovations that we, as a general contractor, bring to all phases of design and construction.”
It seems the feeling is mutual.
“The quality and professionalism of PCL’s project and field personnel continually impress me and help me to accomplish my objectives of delivering high-quality facilities, on schedule and within budget,” said Hughes.
The longstanding working relationship between Uponor and PCL truly demonstrates the greatest benefit of these kinds of associations: each organization prospers in turn. When this model is the goal for both parties involved, the relationship evolves from that of client and contractor to partners dedicated to each other’s success.

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