PCL and Canada 150: Building Together

PCL’s history stretches back 111 years. That makes PCL not only one of Canada’s oldest contractors but also one of its oldest companies. As Canada grew, so did PCL. Indeed, Canada’s growth, from east to west mirrors that of PCL and the journey of its founder, E. E. Poole, which was to take place only a few short decades after Confederation. In 1906, Poole set forth from his home in Prince Edward Island to the West, where he founded the company that would become PCL.

Icons of today and tomorrow

Over the decades, PCL has participated in landmark projects that would help to define Canada and enable its citizens to prosper. From coast to coast to coast, PCL’s legacy of building Canada can be seen in the Hibernia oil field in Newfoundland, in iconic Library Square in Vancouver, and in the creation of Inuvik, the administrative center for the Northwest Territories. PCL’s heritage of growing along with Canada’s development continues to this day in such landmark projects as the historical renovation of buildings located on Parliament Hill, in world-class sporting venues like Rogers Place, Mosaic Stadium, and BMO Field, and in the construction of facilities that form the core of Canada’s industry of today and tomorrow: from the oil sands to southern Ontario’s solar projects, PCL is there.

Building Partnerships. Building Communities. Building Canada.

With 2017 marking Canada’s 150th birthday, PCL is set to celebrate the occasion by reflecting on Canada’s growth and the important role PCL and its clients, the projects they have built, and the communities they have served over the past 111 years of partnership. Check back in to PCL.com to see what’s in store over the next year, and be sure to follow along with PCL’s Canada journey on our social media channels:


The PCL family celebrates the mutual success of our companies, business partners, and the communities in which we live and work. We look back on a significant portfolio of projects as landmarks in our Canadian heritage. We credit the collective power of PCL employees, current and past, for their part in helping our nation reach this 150-year milestone.

But first, happy birthday, Canada!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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