EPCOR Gold Bar Sanitary Grit Residuals Treatment Facility

Project Overview

As the first facility of this caliber in Canada, the EPCOR Gold Bar Sanitary Grit Residuals Treatment Facility will lead the way in improving sustainable practices in the water treatment industry for the entire country. The Grit Recovery Facility has taken exceptional measures to reduce its ecological footprint within the surrounding environmental areas, increase sustainability during the treatment process, and ensure worker safety during maintenance and operations.

To make this possible, specialized equipment was procured from Berching, Germany. The equipment allows the non-potable water within the facility to be continuously recycled, reducing overall water usage and the plant’s environmental impact. The equipment also removes the need for man power in a potentially hazardous environment.

Reducing environmental impact and minimizing disruptions to the Gold Bar community was at the forefront of this project. During construction, PCL's Special Projects division reduced disturbances to the surrounding natural environment by using a shoring wall during excavation to minimize the number of trees that needed to be clear cut and preserve existing walking trails throughout the duration of the project. The highly odorous nature of the materials being disposed of at the facility was also a concern for the client. A well-designed HVAC system and odor-control unit was acquired from Winnipeg to stop odors from being released into the surrounding parks. The project team collaborated with PCL’s Winnipeg branch, who monitored the unit’s progress and ensured its timely arrival. Thanks to the solutions provided by the team, the project had little environmental impact and was finished on schedule and under budget, resulting in an extremely satisfied client.


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