Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway

Project Overview

The primary purpose of this five-mile expansion project was to create additional capacity by constructing toll lanes that reverse the direction of traffic in conjunction with daily rush-hour cycles. This was accomplished with multiple precast concrete, segmental bridges comprising more than 3,000 segments, using the span-by-span method. The reversible lanes include sections constructed with conventional concrete girder bridges, as well as at-grade roadway to reduce the overall cost. The project also included the construction of a high-speed tolling gantry and equipment buildings for the reversible lanes.

The client’s primary goal was to minimize impacts to tolling revenue by keeping existing tolled lanes opened and unimpeded during construction. This was extremely difficult in that the vast majority of the reversible-lane construction consisted of building a 60-foot-wide precast segmental bridge in a 40-foot-wide median. PCL rose to the challenge with thorough and extensive planning that ensured all necessary construction equipment and materials could operate and be stored efficiently within the confines of the median. Even though the contract allowed for longer closure periods of the existing lanes, PCL reduced these closures and completed construction on the originally anticipated schedule using a form of accelerated bridge construction (ABC) to place the precast segments by employing the span-by-span method.

A major challenge that arose during construction was the need to reinforce most of the previously constructed foundations. This involved installing micropile foundations in some locations and drilled shafts in others. PCL successfully completed this challenging scope of work under the lane closure and traffic constraints discussed above.


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Bridge Award of Excellence - American Segmental Bridge Institute

Award of Excellence – Structures Costing $10M or more Excellence in Highway Design, Biennial Award - United States Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration