Sustainable Construction Services

Low-carbon strategies—We help you reduce the overall environmental impact of your project by incorporating passive design elements and sourcing local materials. Our approach reduces the carbon footprint during construction and throughout the operational life span of the building. 

Net zero energy solutions
—We work with you to incorporate renewable energy and passive systems into your project to help achieve zero net-energy consumption. These systems include on-site solar power for electricity and heat generation, energy storage, battery walls, geo-exchange, g​​eothermal heating and cooling systems, and cogenerati​on and district energy systems.

Comprehensive rating system capability
—Our experts work with you to develop a cost-effective strategy to meet your sustainable building targets. Rating system expertise includes LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, Passive House Canada, and Envision.

Building systems optimization—​We collaborate with you to develop and optimize your building systems to meet your energy and comfort requirements while balancing the building’s upfront and operational costs.

Building envelope expertise—​We offer solutions to help you integrate optimal building envelope systems and materials to maximize building performance and reduce operating costs, while maintaining overall project budget and aesthetics.

Costing and conceptual budgeting—​Our experts determine cost implications and the logistical challenges that come with procuring, installing, and commissioning green materials and systems. We provide cost-effective solutions that meet proforma requirements and operational emissions / energy consumption and embodied carbon targets.

Alternative structural methods—​​​Our team optimizes structural design using cost-effective local materials with a focus on reducing the project’s carbon footprint.