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The Student Blog gives a peek into student life at PCL. Here’s what Thiago, an engineering student at PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto), had to say about his experience.


On my first day of university, my aunt gave me a book with this quote written in it:

“. . . you should always have the audacity to act on any real and concrete ideas that can contribute to reversing the process of dehumanization of the human being.”

-  Anonymous

I didn’t really understand this quote or know how I could impact society until I started working at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) Phase 1C project. Watching my co-workers build this project makes me understand what this quote really means: no matter who you are or what you do, you can be a part of something that helps make a difference. This project and the people who are building it are now a part of Toronto’s history of mental health care.

The CAMH Phase 1C project is a complex portfolio of four projects that are being developed simultaneously. The portfolio includes the construction of two new buildings, the modification and restoration of the existing buildings, and the addition of interfaces that will connect all buildings to become a single structure.

CAMH will be one of the most modern mental health institutions in the world, not only for the technology that is being implemented but also because the buildings are designed to reflect how the community can assist those in need and help destigmatize mental health. As a link between old and new, the project will preserve part of the exterior heritage wall that was built in phases dating back to 1852.  

PCL Toronto is a member of the Plenary Health team, and is responsible for the design-build requirements of the Phase 1C Redevelopment project. Being delivered under Infrastructure Ontario’s Public Private Partnership (P3) model, the project is designed to LEED Gold certification standards.

Finally, what makes CAMH even more special to me is the people building it. This team of dedicated professionals have taught me lots of lessons and helped me understand the importance of this project and the quote cited by my aunt.

Thiago Barreira Maranhao
Engineering Student


  • Thank you David! I'm really glad to be part of PCL team and work at CAMH Project.

    Thiago Barreira Maranhao
  • Thank you for posting your thoughts Thiago. It is people like you and organizations like CAMH and PCL that are making the world a better place for all of us....transforming one life at a time! David Cunic VP Redevelopment, CAMH

    David Cunic


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