Mixing it up with PCL’s students

PCL’s co-op students are true PCLers; their enthusiasm gets them involved with the PCL community even outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. Look no further than the Student Midterm Mixer that took place in Edmonton this past July for proof that these students are committed to working hard, achieving goals, and having some fun along the way.

After receiving feedback from past students, PCL co-op students created an event that gave the opportunity to network with one another and with fellow PCLers midway through their work terms. The Midterm Mixer quickly blossomed into an event that occurs every 4 months.

The students chose to hold a bench building competition where teams had to compete to build a chair entirely out of old newspaper according to the specifications and materials they were given. It was a fun and challenging event that had teams racing to the very end!

Check out what our students and PCLers can come up with when they take on the newspaper bench challenge!

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