Two Field Engineer Interns, Two PCL Experiences

We are Christian Robles and Izary Torres, field engineers at PCL’s San Diego office. Both of us started at PCL as interns and we would like to share our experiences with you.


I graduated from San Diego State University and began my internship at PCL in the summer of 2017 where I was assigned to San Diego International Airport Federal Inspection Station (FIS).

The San Diego International Airport Federal
Inspection Station where Christian completed his

My overall internship experience at PCL was AMAZING. The fact that you are surrounded by some of the best mentors in the construction industry makes PCL a great company. At the beginning of my internship, I was sure I wanted to take the project management route. After completing my summer term, I decided I wanted to go into field operations (management stream) and become a superintendent. Having good mentors have allowed me to re-evaluate the career path I wanted to take. These mentors now continue to support me in becoming the superintendent I want to one day be. Mentors at PCL aren’t bothered when you don’t understand something. Instead, they work with you until you understand it. I have learned that completing tasks assigned to you is very important, but if you don’t understand the purpose of your task, you will never know how to complete it or why it is important.

Special thanks to all the superintendents at FIS that have pushed me to become a better field engineer!


I studied construction engineering at the San Diego State University (SDSU). Before I graduated this past spring, I had the opportunity to work on my university’s SDSU Tenochca Entry Building and Tula Community Center. Isn’t that cool?

Before and after.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to attend a local volunteering event called FaceLift. FaceLift transforms neighborhoods in City Heights, where more than 50% of residents live below the poverty line, by providing exterior home improvements that create lasting benefits for the neighborhood. I was born and raised in San Diego, so giving back to my community means a lot to me.

It was my first volunteering event with PCL and first time at FaceLift, so I didn’t know what to expect. When they directed us to the house that we were transforming, they warned us that the owner was very particular on what should be removed.  The owner of the house didn’t like to get rid of stuff so there was a lot of work to complete. Therefore, we decided to split into two groups—one group did site work, while the other focused on the exterior uplift of the house. I was part of the site work team where we removed all the brush weeds and placed new plants and mulch.
It was my very first time using a pick, but I think I did a pretty good job. Everyone was working as a team to achieve the desired goal in a short period of time. Our hardworking and competitive spirit got the best of us, and we were the first group to finish site work in comparison to the other groups.

Through this event, I was able meet other PCLers from different projects, their families, and even one family’s dog. I really enjoy working for PCL not just because it’s a great company, but because I’ve had the chance to experience PCL’s culture of giving back to the community we work and live in. A big thank you to my project engineer, Chantel Marcq, for setting up this great event!


We’ve both had unique internships and wanted to share our advice for anyone wanting to gain work experience at PCL. 


  • Be dedicated to your team and project. Your team needs to know they can trust you and rely on you. Don't think that your work is insignificant to the project because you're an intern.
  • Be honest with yourself and your team. Your team wants you to understand what you are doing. 
  • Have integrity for your work! Strive for perfection.
  • Improvement. Take constructive criticism and keep improving.


  • Be on time. You may think they don’t notice but they do. 
  • Have a good attitude. Everyone likes working in a healthy environment.
  • Be reliable. Complete your tasks at a timely manner and be responsible.
  • Take action. Don’t wait until tasks are assigned to you, have initiative. 
  • Ask questions. If you don’t know something, ask.

Christian Robles & Izary Torres
Field Engineers
California Buildings




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