Building Smarter: Real Time Monitoring Benefits

As construction of 16 York, Cadillac Fairview’s premium office property, enters its final phase, PCL Construction’s Job Site Insights™ (JSI) continues to show its value on the project.

JSI™​ is PCL’s smart IoT construction platform, built on Microsoft Azure  and it makes construction projects smarter. Smart sensors are first outfitted throughout a building during construction. The sensors monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and leak detection and send that data in real time to the cloud. JSI creates a virtual model of the site and maps sensors, equipment, assets and people to the model, which can be accessed in a single view from any PC or device. The insights gained from JSI reduce energy usage, rework and insurance costs.

JSI™ is proving how smart building technologies are helping move our company, and the industry, into the future. Find out how 16 York is smarter with JSI™.