Citizen Care Pod: Smart Screening at Work and Play

As the global pandemic descended on North America, passionate conversations ignited the creation of a modular, ready-to-use solution for COVID-19 screening and testing that would allow communities to reopen.

A multi-disciplinary team of industry leaders led by Citizen Care Pods Corporation, WZMH Architects and PCL Construction collaborated with Insight Enterprises and Microsoft to bring the Citizen Care Pod from concept to completion in less than a month.

A true demonstration of the entrepreneurial spirit during the coronavirus pandemic and a unique opportunity in the design and construction industry, the partners came together to develop a prototype without solicitation by a client, but with an end user in mind – citizens across the world. 

“At PCL, we anticipate challenges and are proactive in developing solutions that make construction safer, more efficient and more sustainable,” said Bob Hopfenberg, Vice President, National Business Development. “The Citizen Care Pod’s modular construction and integrated technology make it a sustainable, plug-and-play solution that can be rapidly deployed to support the safe reopening of our economy.” 


The smart screening and testing pod integrates intelligent technology within a modular design to support a safe, responsible recovery for governments, businesses, and communities around North America and the world.

PCL is manufacturing and assembling the pods by retrofitting 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers with customizable options to support rapid delivery and installation to any site, including high-traffic and remote locations.

Equipped with a suite of intelligent, customizable technologies powered by the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Azure AI, the Citizen Care Pod incorporates Insight’s Connected Platform and PCL’s Job Site Insights™ Internet of Things hubs to enable safety and security in the physical testing environment.

With its customizable features, the Citizen Care Pod makes COVID-19 testing mobile for any high-traffic business or community to expedite testing, screening, and eventually vaccination on mass scale to support a health-secure future.


The escalating pressures of the pandemic requires solutions that can be rapidly deployed with ready-to-use and energy efficient operations, making modular construction a valuable manufacturing technique to respond to the needs of COVID-19.

By vertically integrating as both general contractor and manufacturer, PCL is bridging the gap of buildings, industrialization and digital technology in a systematic, process-driven mentality to integrate modular solutions into all types and scales of projects.

Based on our extensive modular and prefabrication manufacturing experience, PCL is developing a modular toolkit of solutions that are quick to market while offering levels of customization as well as rapid manufacturing and deployment. PCL has multiple functions developed and in concept to assist in the provision of safe solutions, including the Citizen Care Pod, the Quaran-Tin Pod, modular handwashing stations, portable health facilities and office structures.

To expedite solutions across North America, PCL is manufacturing the Citizen Care Pod at its facilities located in Toronto (Ontario), Nisku (Alberta), Bakersfield (California), Houston (Texas) and Lake Charles (Louisiana) in addition to other markets across the U.S.


The customizable and portable structure is a ready-to-use solution for large-scale businesses, public works, sports and entertainment venues, airports, transit centers and more to support economic recovery.

The Citizen Care Pod has applications beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, including the option to add capabilities for testing and screening for flu season and viral outbreaks and delivering vaccines, and can be further augmented to address future public health needs.

Could the Citizen Care Pod serve as a responsible solution for your safe return to work and play? Click here to learn more or to contact us for more information. Watch the Citizen Care Pod video​.