Virtual Design and Construction

As a construction company that leverages the latest technology, PCL can virtually build your project, before construction starts, using a process called Building Information Modeling (BIM)​, also known as virtual construction. PCL integrates virtual construction tools into the everyday work of project teams, giving them the right tools for success.
Cutting-edge technologies used on construction

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When coordinated with its other construction services, PCL is able to apply virtual construction technologies to deliver projects ahead of schedule and within budget. These technologies are used for planning, coordination, and communication on civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and commercial buildings construction projects.  


PCL’s integrated approach begins during the design phase: working collaboratively with design partners and subcontractors helps identify and resolve conflicts and constructability issues to drive down costs and ensure that your vision is maintained.
Once construction begins, PCL leverages the Building Information Model to communicate with field staff, empowering them to apply virtual construction tools to increase field production, quality, safety, and eliminate unforeseen changes.


Extending the use of these technologies beyond construction helps clients transition to sustainable occupancy. Delivering intelligent models assists in the operation and maintenance of facilities over their life cycle.
These data-rich models quickly identify a problem and enable the facility management staff to resolve it. PCL understands the challenges clients face from the inception of a project, through construction, to long-term occupancy. PCL is a construction company that has the experience to ease this process every step of the way.

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