The demand for information and continuous connection is higher than ever. The need for powering, cooling and connecting servers – which handle the increased data processing and transmission requests – acts as the catalyst for modern-day data centers. As millions of devices are added to IoT (Internet of Things) and autonomous cars become more prevalent, the demands for more connectivity continue to grow, applying pressure for peak performance from data centers.

Constructing high functioning data centers and mission critical facilities is a complex process that involves experienced specialists, customized electrical and mechanical components and extensive planning. With relentless focus on quality, precision, safety and sustainability, we partner with you to share our knowledge and expertise through a unified team approach, creating the best solutions and delivering an optimized facility. 

Large corporations in the finance, telecommunication, government and social media services process vast amounts of data daily. These businesses require highly secured data centers connected by the fastest networks. The ever-expanding global fiber optic networks are now being supplemented with constellations of Low Earth Orbit satellites (LEOs), bringing high-speed Internet to even the most remote populations of the world.

As your next-generation construction partner, PCL understands the importance of delivering optimized solutions to our clients with insights into the rapidly changing market trends and technologies. We use advanced analytic and diagnostic tools to commission and deliver a fully operational facility, allowing your partners and end users to thrive well into the future. In an industry that supplies an indispensable resource for businesses to run their operations, the critical nature of data centers continues to increase. As your partner, together we can build success while enabling the forward motion of the modern world.