David did not start his career in the construction industry. In fact, construction is his second career path. His original path? David spent the first 32 years of his career with the Royal Canadian Navy. He held several positions there and worked closely with the federal government, gaining a first-hand understanding of how it operates.

At PCL, David works closely with our government clients to secure new projects. He leverages his more than three decades of experience to naturally connect with our clients, knowing how people think and work differently in this sector. He understands the subtle nuances of how to work with government clients, from laws and protocols that must be followed, as well as having a keen attention to detail needed for this complex work.

David also uses his military experience to be a strong leader. He has a knack for forming teams and getting the best out of each individual for long periods of time, a skill he established through military leadership development training. David understands that everyone is different — there is no one-size fits all formula — and that a good leader will tailor how they motivate and teach to each unique person.

Though David is approaching retirement age, he's showing no signs of slowing down. He looks forward to jumping out of bed every morning excited to solve new and complex challenges. He enjoys getting to network and collaborate with government employees, working together on incredible projects. David is passionate about adding value and helping others based on his experiences. He's also busy working with the Canadian Construction Association, Naval Association of Canada and the Canada Chamber of Commerce's National Transportation Infrastructure Committee.