When it opens in early 2021, Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will provide the ultimate in care with integrated smart technology systems and medical devices that speak directly to one another, to maximize information exchange and enable improved patient care.

Located on a 40-acre greenfield site with an additional 10 acres available for future expansion, the 1.2 million-square-foot-hospital is the first hospital to be built in the City of Vaughan and is the first net new hospital to be built in Ontario in more than 30 years. 

To prepare the site, we used 3D laser scanning to examine exterior elevations and prepare heatmaps of wall variations for the facility’s more than 32 departments. This technology significantly reduced the number of coordination conflicts between the numerous highly serviced and complex building infrastructure systems.

The project incorporated 290 prefabricated patient washrooms. At 100 square feet, each pod weighed approximately 5,000 pounds. Built offsite under quality control conditions, these units effectively reduced construction time.

During the winter, the project team installed portable heaters to keep the temperature up in sensitive areas throughout the site. Our teams needed a way to respond quickly to drastic temperature changes if one of the heaters were to stop working. We placed 100 Job Site Insights™ (JSITM) smart sensors in key areas where low or high temperatures had the potential to cause damage. The JSITM sensors triggered alerts to the team if temperatures wnt outside of the specified range, ensuring that conditions were always exactly as required. JSITM was later used in the project’s UPS and network rooms to ensure the areas did not overheat on nights when generator power was turned off. The team shared the alert notificationswith the site team, trade partners and security personnel to build trust and confidence that the site was protected.

The project is targeting LEED Silver status and will feature a state-of-the-art emergency department, surgical and operating rooms, inpatient and critical care patient rooms and specialized ambulatory clinics. The hospital will have capacity to operate 350 beds when it opens with shell space to add several more floors of additional capacity in the future. It adds to one of the top performing kidney care programs in the province.  

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