Disney Technology Solutions & Services (DTSS) currently owns, operates and maintains the Orlando Data Center in Orlando, Florida. As the technology arm of the Walt Disney Company, DTSS is responsible for a host of technological services: architecture, IT, strategy and management, central engineering, technical operations, and more.

The data center includes two conjoined buildings that offer about 55,000 square feet of data center space and 19,500 square feet of annexed administrative support space.

The PCL team completely renovated the inside of the annexed administrative support building to create a more efficient, open-plan environment. The team demolished and rebuilt the interior, added exterior windows to increase exposure to natural light and completed exterior work that included repairs and upgrades to the existing parking lot. The renovated building resulted in new space for 162 cast members and contractors.

We delivered the project in two phases to allow both the data center space and the administrative support space to remain occupied and active during the entire construction period. 

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