The GlassPoint Solar Steam Generation Demonstration Plant, located at Berry Petroleum’s 21Z oil field, combines the power of a steam generator and the sun to create the world’s first solar steam generation system used for enhanced oil recovery. Because the solar steam generator produces steam at a significantly lower cost than steam produced from gas-fired steam generators, more oil can be economically recovered from the same reservoir.

GlassPoint’s single transit trough technology was specifically designed for oil fields. The key to this cost advantage rests in the system’s glasshouse enclosure, sealing the ultra-lightweight mirror reflectors from sand, dust, and humidity and other harsh oil field environments. The client selected PCL as the general contractor for this project based on experience, price, and commitment to GlassPoint’s six-week construction schedule.

In addition to design assistance, PCL’s scope of work included grading, concrete foundations, equipment setting, field and solar steam generator piping, electrical instrumentation, and shop fabrication of steam separator vessel and two heat exchangers.

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