The K+S Legacy mine is a solution mine located in Bethune, Saskatchewan. This mine extracts potash crude salt which is then processed into three types of potassium chloride. These products are used as natural fertilizers and compacted for use in a variety of industrial applications. PCL Industrial Special Projects (ISP) was brought in to remove two production critical condensers that were at the end of their lifespan due to corrosion issues. ISP’s scope included the replacement of condensers HX-410 and HX-420 and all piping, structural and electrical works associated with the replacement. 

A critical element of the construction sequence was the heavy lift crane. During the pre-mobilization planning, a challenge emerged as the 660 ton crane's availability did not align with the execution plan. Despite this setback, the project team was able to quickly pivot to Plan B and reorganize project tasks to allow for productive work during those days. Anticipating windy conditions typical for Saskatchewan, the lift of the condensers needed to be meticulously planned and executed. The wind conditions were continually measured and monitored as there was very little room for error or time for delays. The results reflected a safe and flawless execution, which was performed as per the project execution plan. ISP was able to adapt their project planned schedule on the fly and was still able to finish the project two days ahead of schedule.

The successful execution of this critical project has started a new relationship with K+S Potash Canada which lead to future projects. 

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