As the largest single project executed in the history of PCL Energy Inc. (formerly Monad Industrial Constructors Inc.), the Keystone Oil Pipeline project was monumental for the project team. After sixteen months of construction, labor had surpassed 600,000 hours and construction activities had stretched across 300 kilometers (186 mi.).

PCL Energy’s scope of work on the project included construction of the Alberta Group 1 pump stations. It was the largest of four facilities contracts awarded in Canada, and included a storage/transfer terminal, five pump stations, and one interconnecting pump station.

The team’s ability to manage this scope across vast distances allowed the client to focus their efforts on commissioning and start-up activities. Overcoming the logistical challenges associated with transporting personnel, equipment, and materials to five separate sites between Hardisty and Bindloss, Alberta. 

PCL also offered the client a full general contractor option, using the PCL fabrication facility to fabricate top-quality pipe spools on schedule. This, coupled with PCL's management of extensive third-party earthworks, electrical, and instrumentation scopes, ensured the client knew that construction was under control.

The success of this project was measured in two key areas: first, in the excellent safety performance on the project, recognized by TransCanada in the form of the Vice President’s Award for safety; and second, in achieving completion, turnover, and a seamless system start-up, allowing TransCanada to achieve their customer commitments for first oil.

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