The Marine Conservation and Technology Facility (MCTF) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) is bringing the community and environment together. Students and researchers will have a 53,000 square-foot collaborative space to explore marine biodiversity and conservation, ocean ecosystems, global change and associated technology developments.

The project breathes new life into the last remaining structure of the original Southwest Fisheries Science Center, built in 1964. The project’s renovation of Building D honors the structure’s original design while modernizing the facility to include separate and shared lab spaces, teaching labs, conference rooms, a wet staging room, hazardous materials storage area, and an outdoor terrace with a roof garden. When complete, the basement will also be equipped with seawater infrastructure to support future research aquariums.

Supporting marine life is just the start. The project is also dedicated to respecting the immediate surroundings and coastal habitats, including protecting existing vegetation and mature trees. Along with targeting LEED Silver certification, the project also aims to promote interdisciplinary approaches to understand and maintain ocean ecosystems into the future. 

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