Since 2012, Melloy Industrial has been performing work for Nutrien (and previously Agrium) at various fertilizer production sites throughout Alberta, including Redwater, Fort Saskatchewan, Joffre and Carseland. Through dozens of capital projects and turnarounds, as well as thousands of hours of general maintenance, Melloy has become a trusted partner to one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers.

At any given time, at least 10 of our integrated planners are working directly with Nutrien to schedule and organize upcoming work at their various sites, constantly in the loop with the activities on site in real time. Additionally, since Melloy superintendents are dedicated to Nutrien as full-time staff, we can keep them consistent from job to job, applying a level of familiarity to Nutrien’s site and their business that allows us to integrate into their policies and procedures. For example, when one of our superintendents had an emergency before a turnaround started, Melloy was able to not only supply a replacement superintendent from our staff, but the two superintendents were able to work together remotely to ensure continuity on the job.

These measures allow us to seamlessly transition from ongoing day-to-day maintenance to emergency outages to large scale upgrade projects or turnarounds. Melloy can expand and contract the size of our craft labor as necessary, Nutrien trusts us to have the workforce to tackle any job that comes along.

Beyond piping and exchangers, we’ve performed a series of specialty work for the client as well. In 2015, Melloy replaced the boiler at Nutrien’s Redwater operation, working with Nutrien’s engineers to detail out a plan to execute the work during a large turnaround. The massive vessel was easily removed and replaced, and our team completed the complex heavy wall alloy welding to finish the job.

In 2017, our team replaced the R-501 converter internals and E-502 exchanger at Nutrien’s Joffre, facility. We closely worked with the OEM, to find efficiencies in removing the old, installing the new and designed custom M120 tensioners for tightening the converter head.

That wasn’t our only converter work for Nutrien, as we also replaced the 105-D converter at their Fort Saskatchewan site in 2018. We were the lead planners and coordinators on site, including overseeing a pair of trade contractors for the work, utilizing our strong knowledge of Nutrien’s policies and procedures. 

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