The WallyPark Parking Structure located at SeaTac Airport redefines the concept of parking garages. This five-level, 597,000-square-foot facility offers 1,600 stalls, 21,000 square feet of retail space, offices and a comprehensive auto detailing and service shop. The design features a cast-in-place, post-tensioned moment frame structure. This structure eliminates interior shear walls for a completely open layout to provide an unobstructed view throughout the garage.

The exterior of the parking garage is meticulously designed to conceal its utilitarian purpose. Covered with curtain wall, metal panels, and stucco, the WallyPark structure transforms into an elegant, camouflaged facade that enhances the aesthetic of International Boulevard and the southern entrance to SeaTac.

The project was divided into two phases. Phase I focused on extensive site work, including demolishing existing buildings and removing 50,000 cubic yards of soil. Phase I also included the design of two cast-in-place stormwater detention vaults each with a capacity of over 78,000 cubic feet. As the construction manager at risk, PCL provided value engineering on the design and came up with savings of over $900,000 for the owner.

Phase II involved the construction of the vaults, the parking structure, retail spaces, maintenance areas, and offices for the WallyPark Parking Structure. The resulting building is a unique, full-service premier parking garage that not only meets functional needs but also contributes to the visual appeal of the area. With a glass facade, a water feature, and thoughtful landscaping, WallyPark's premier garage sets a new standard for parking structures.

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