The City of Yorkton realized a long planned goal to replace their yard administration, storage and maintenance facilities. Built in the 1950s and spread across six different areas across the City, the facilities needed upgrades to adequately provide services to the residents of Yorkton.

The new Civic Operations Centre amalgamates all six locations into two and is comprised of a 40,000 square foot main building and a heated 22,000 square foot fleet storage building.

The City looks forward to the following benefits and efficiencies this project brings to their community including:

  • Reduced travel time for staff maintenance since the shop is much larger and designed for today’s large service equipment
  • Heated fleet storage facilities which is important to extend longevity of equipment
  • Storage area for a supply inventory for roadwork, water and sewage, infrastructure maintenance, chemicals and pesticides, etc.

Additional benefits were realized since local contractors were involved in the execution, boosting economic activity in the area for hotels, restaurants and other businesses. City crews have now moved into these new modern buildings which will meet the City’s operational needs for the next 50 years! 

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