Gopi’s extensive construction knowledge combined with international work experience has benefited clients across Australia, North America and Bahamas. He has led many high-profile PCL projects throughout his career and has had operational oversight of some of PCL’s largest solar projects. In 2011, he led PCL’s maiden project in Australia – the five-year joint venture of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (formerly knwon as the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre) in Melbourne. He’s a member of Master Builders Victoria and holds a Registered Building Practitioner accreditation.  

Building a Future

If you ask Gopi what compels him to bring his best to work each day, he’ll tell you he’s inspired by the opportunity to build with people in mind and create lasting legacies for clients and the communities they serve. He’s delighted to share his expertise with the next generation of leaders and builders. Gopi is a team builder and mentor who continues to hone his craft while teaching others about the value PCL brings to the work we do.

Building Success

Gopi is well-versed in Australia’s culture, construction landscape and clients’ success criteria. He’s driven to deliver excellence to PCL’s clients, partners and employees. That means understanding what success looks like for you, focusing on collaboration and innovation to develop a strategic approach that exceeds mutual goals.