PCL Constructors Northern Ontario Inc. is part of the 116-year-old PCL family – a 100% employee-owned, independent group of companies – and Winnipeg district. Our team consists of local construction professionals who have extensive experience working in mining, long-term health care, power generation, commercial, civil, municipal and government sectors.

Supported by our Winnipeg office, consisting of 170 full-time staff; national network of over 4,000 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); and 1,000 craft workers, our team will serve and support you every step of the way.

PCL is an industry safety leader: we bring our safety culture to every project to ensure the project is built safely and everyone goes home unharmed. We set the bar high by exceeding legislated safety requirements and hold ourselves accountable.

Senior management is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring COR-certified health, safety and environmental (HSE) programs, which are focused on reaching the goal of zero incidents on all construction projects. We require active daily participation by every project stakeholder to achieve safety excellence. These efforts have put PCL in the top one percent of general contractors.

Construction is undergoing a digital revolution and PCL’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) tools have the potential to create significant value for your project. Whether these digital solutions are used to communicate real-time site conditions, design and value engineered options, assist in prefabrication, and site setup or enhance the quality of our products, PCL leverages its markets strength and wide range of tools to meet your needs.

Studies show that embracing digital tools and Building Information Models (BIM) for construction design and collaboration improves quality and reduces time responding to requests and issues over the course of the project.

PCL Construction recognizes that the projects we build and the communities we help develop are on the traditional and treaty lands of Indigenous Peoples who have occupied these lands since time in memorial. In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge and respect the history and diverse cultural values of all communities in which we operate.

Every Indigenous community is unique, and PCL is committed to constantly learning from our partners and adapting to the needs and goals of the communities we work within. We seek to build long-term relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations through dialogue and engagement. These partnerships align with our company’s core values and help us create inclusive, culturally aware, and diverse workplaces in our offices and job sites. They help develop a diverse workforce representative of the communities in which we work.