George Gomez is one of the country’s most experienced leaders in data center construction. With a career spanning 32 years, Gomez has held a variety of roles, including leading safety, design, project management, preconstruction, as well as startup and commissioning across numerous data center projects.

He has worked on data centers for major high-tech industry companies including Meta, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon Web Services, Verizon Data Centers, as well as projects for medical and defense clients. The total value of projects in his portfolio is almost $16 billion.

Today, Gomez leads PCL’s Data Center and Mission Critical Construction program by establishing processes and procedures for construction and working in live data centers.

Gomez earned his degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, and began his career writing code for the IBM mainframes that would lay the foundation for today’s digital world. Ten years later he joined an electrical company and led a high-performing team – eventually going on to earn his master electrician’s license.

“Sometimes I’d see that we were installing obsolete systems or putting in a 1,200 amp panel when 800 amps would meet the client’s needs,” he says. “But because I wasn’t a licensed Electrical Engineer, I couldn’t suggest any changes to the designs. I wanted greater autonomy on projects, so I began attending Texas A&M and earned my Masters in Electrical Engineering to be able to better serve our clients.”

His people skills and eye for detail served him well in his new job. Gomez learned the basics of the electrician’s trade quickly, as well as how to be an effective leader.

Gomez credits his leadership skills to his time in the Air Force reserves, which he joined after the University of Texas at Austin for extra income to pay off his student debt.

“If you do a good job, I tell you. If you don’t, we will have a discussion—a constructive one. If anybody on my staff fails, I fail. If any of my trades fail, we all fail. It’s really important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of everybody on the team.”

His first encounter with data centers came in the 90s when he refurbished a building in San Antonio for a cloud computing pioneer.

“This became a big project because we were using metal-clad cable, which back then you needed a license to even order,” he says. “I remember a lot of city inspectors and electricians came out and looked at it because it was the staple of what was to come for the data center industry.”

Metal-clad cable is still used in major data centers today. Gomez loves to point this out because it supports his view that the fundamentals of data center construction management have not changed since that first job in San Antonio.

“To me, it’s always a set of prints and specifications you have to follow,” he says. “It’s like building anything. I treat every project like it’s a mission critical type project. It all has to be done correctly.”

Gomez fell in love with the world of data center construction. He spent the next 20 years building data centers all over the U.S. on the Owners side and as a General Contractor, Electrical Contractor and as a third-party team, contributing to all aspects of the data center and mission critical facilities projects, while always returning to his beloved San Antonio when his schedule allowed.

“At this point in my career, I just love what I do,” he says. “I’m thrilled to join the data center mission critical team at PCL Construction, where I know I can bring my experience and expertise to any project.”