Based on its reputation for quality work and the ability to provide comprehensive solutions, PCL was contracted to demolish and rebuild 15, 3,500-ton grain silos on a live terminal site. The success of the project required quality work, effective scheduling and coordination with proximal facility operations to maintain rigorous safety standards, prevent disruptions to business operations and meet customer needs.  

Unanticipated increases in project complexity required PCL to work closely with Fibreco to develop a customized construction plan that doubled the number of silos built at one time to get their facility operational as soon as possible.

By allowing PCL to operate as construction manager for the entire project, the team was able to anticipate issues and delays, coordinate logistics and sequencing, and incorporate the fast-track and multi-component nature of this project. 

“We did a lot of self-performed work for this build,” says superintendent Greg Phillips. “So, all the complications meant that our team had to push hard to make everything happen.”

Phillips adds that the group experienced delays after beginning construction, which forced them to change their approach from a crew system – with each crew completing one silo – to a manufacturing system, assigning each crew a specific job across all silos. 

When hit with severe weather, the team adapted by working evenings and weekends to ensure everything was completed on time. Their dedication allowed for a project completion date four months ahead of schedule.   

Megan Owen-Evans, president of Fibreco Export Inc., says she had doubts about whether PCL could deliver on what was promised based on her 25 years working at waterfront terminals. However, when the project was completed and Fibreco was cleared to resume regular operations 120 days faster than anticipated, it was clear the project team had won her confidence. 

As innovative solution providers, our teams develop and employ a variety of techniques and technologies focused on resolving typical client pain points.

For Fibreco, leveraging smart construction was crucial to project success. Using StructionSite technology to capture project progress from every angle using standard and 360-degree video imaging, site managers could apply the project tracking data to plan more efficiently, spot potential delays and fine-tune trade schedules. 

As one of Canada’s top builders in the ports, piers and terminals market, we take pride in supporting our national economy by providing businesses like Fibreco with cutting-edge innovations that solve complex problems and shape the future of construction. 

The team’s strategic approach to the multifaceted project prevented disruption to the surrounding area's business operations. At the same time, it produced high-quality work that allowed Fibreco to resume full terminal functionality earlier than expected.