Ankit thrives on the way PCL sets everyone up for success through collaboration, something he describes as a "culture of sharing." Through the company's employee ownership program, everyone is incentivized to help and support each other. Employees share information and best practices transparently to ensure consistent and quality end products. It’s something that speeds up the learning curve for new employees and reduces the need for lessons to be learned twice. As Ankit puts it, "Your success is my success."

Ankit's background in operations allows him to excel in his current preconstruction role. His previous experience as a project manager allows him to have a greater understanding of the downstream effects of his preconstruction work to better know where to focus his attention. Ankit approaches his decisions with a more holistic perspective, benefitting our projects and our clients.

Ankit is PCL's champion for mass timber projects, always looking for new ways to capitalize on the market. He is our go-to person for all things mass timber, presenting the program internally to our offices and presenting on the market externally.