What keeps Anna motivated and excited to be at PCL is the company's interest in constantly pushing employees out of their comfort zones to reach new goals. She feels like she can reach her full potential while continuing to push herself to reach new heights.

Anna started her journey at PCL building condos, but has since started working on projects in the education market. Her first education project is a new eight-to-10 story LEED-Certified residence hall at UCLA.

As a project manager, Anna delegates tasks and avoids micromanagement. She gives her teams the flexibility to solve issues on their own. This way, her teams have more freedom and Anna doesn’t get pulled away from her areas of focus.

She encourages her teams to eat lunch together every day. Her teams use this time to bond and socialize, which in turn results in more focused workers when they return to their tasks.

Every PCL employee brings their own flair to their role. Anna recognizes that burnout is a serious issue for most employers, but it's especially something to look for in the construction industry where workers always need to be alert to keep themselves and others safe. To ease burnout on her sites, Anna comes to work every day laughing and having fun, while encouraging her fellow workers to have a good time too.

Anna also places a high-value on work-life balance. Having a life outside of work allows you to come to work refreshed. When she's not on a job site, she enjoys being outdoors either in the mountains or in the ocean. Anna also volunteers at the Surf Rider Foundation.