Dale is a sports fanatic and is an especially big fan of baseball and football. In fact, in his over 40 years of construction experience, he's dedicated 25 of those years to focus on sports venues and convention centers. It's from his deep passion for sports that he's learned so much about what it takes to build some of the largest and most complex stadiums in North America.

Dale puts his clients first and works with them early in the process to understand their goals. He enjoys taking his friends and family members into buildings he's worked on and being able to proudly say he helped build it. More than that, Dale gets a greater gratification from running into clients years after completing a project and still seeing a smile on their face.

One aspect Dale particularly likes about PCL is how selective we are in the projects we choose to pursue. By picking the right projects, the company can ensure it’s delivering a consistent quality end product. Dale believes PCL isn't aiming to be the biggest construction company, it's aiming to be the best -- a distinction that naturally orients our employees to find the right solutions for our clients