With a lot of moving pieces on a job site, it's important to be able to step back and see the forest for the trees. Donny is a big-picture thinker who can get to the heart of what clients are looking and gains their trust with his vision along the way. He likes to study problems to find solutions, be creative and think outside the box to find new and exciting ways to do things. Donny develops a strategy unique to each individual client so they know he's really working towards their goals. 

For Donny, the single most important part of any job is the relationships with his client. He goes above and beyond to gain their trust and is passionate about giving them what they asked for. Donny holds their interests near and dear to his heart, striving to deliver on what he said he would do.

While PCL offers preconstruction services, Donny is hard at work establishing a dedicated preconstruction department in our Orlando office. With his new team, he will be able to deliver first-class preconstruction services to our clients and give them the ability to make sound business decisions faster than before. Donny hopes having the team in Florida will allow PCL to have more meaningful relationships with our clients through superior upfront design feedback.