As one of the largest general contractors in North America, we continually serve the needs of our clients and partners through our many markets and divisions. Our Special Projects division helps our clients construct their unique, smaller projects in a lean and flexible way that meets their vision. Our clients get the best of both worlds: the commitment, responsiveness and relationships of a local contractor, along with the expertise, advanced innovations and financial backing of a large contracting organization.

“Our individualized service caters to a wide range of client needs without sacrificing efficiency,” says Sean Barnes, vice president of Special Projects. “Our approach is economical, nimble, flexible and scalable. As solution providers, our team is engaged in your business goals and committed to forming a lasting relationship that enhances your bottom line. With expertise in all delivery methods, we adapt to maximize your vision while meeting your business needs.”

At PCL, we embrace challenges. From managing construction in an operational building, to rapid mobilization in a remote community, to ensuring infection control within an active medical facility, our Special Projects teams are ready, giving you the confidence that even under the most challenging and complex situations, it’s business as usual and your business needs are being met.

Embracing Challenges

Our teams work closely with you to develop the right solutions to fit your needs – whether upgrading a commercial tower, fitting-out a luxury boutique, renovating in a fully-operational hotel, delivering mission-critical healthcare build-outs, or providing a safe educational space for children, our teams are committed to your vision. We work with you to understand the entire project lifecycle while providing extensive in-house expertise and value-engineering practices to fit your needs.  

Hillberg & Berk not only believes in designing unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry, but through their pieces, believe in empowering women to achieve their dreams, one sparkle at a time. Their products represent the unique way every woman shines. Our Special Projects team connected with the client’s vision and brought Hillberg & Berk’s vision to life through delivery of a new 800-square-foot retail store in Midtown Plaza Mall in Saskatoon. The store embraced the owner’s design concept of a “dream closet” with French provincial flair. To achieve the intended look and feel, we installed retail display cabinets, special lighting, mirrors and built-in storage cases and painted rose gold accents to achieve the high-end desired look.

Cognizant of the client’s vision to empower women through education, inspiration and opportunity, we ensured the project team featured a strong female presence throughout the project. By proactively anticipating challenges and collaborating with the client, our Special Projects team delivered the “dream closet” on time, on budget and on brand. 

Special Projects at Scale

As a national contractor with local roots throughout North America, our clients have the advantage of our vast network of experts and resources – regardless of project size. We guarantee the same high level of quality, safety, sustainability, experience and professionalism on every project we undertake. 

Given the highly customized nature of our work, we are experienced working in close collaboration with all involved stakeholders, enhancing your budget and schedule while maximizing opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving. From project conception to completion, we are there as a guiding partner, offering continuous insight and support to projects before, during and after construction.

“We provide a quality product, and we see it through to the end. While some firms disappear once the project is nearly through, our clients can be confident that we remain accessible, accountable and financially capable. We’ll be there after the fact and understand everything that may arise.” – Sean Barnes, vice president of Special Projects.

The result is hands-on attention combined with a breadth of expertise and services that smaller firms may not be able to provide, including innovative building practices, the highest safety standards and access to a talented and experienced network of professionals. 

Dodger Stadium, built in 1962, is the largest baseball park in the major leagues, and arguably, the best seats in the game. Since 2013, we have been central to the ongoing multimillion-dollar improvements at the stadium. We continue to provide preconstruction and construction services and have performed several upgrades including the Lexus Dugout Club and the Visiting Team Clubhouse.

Ahead of the 2020 MLB All-Star game, we upgraded the parking areas to become more accessible, enhanced the offices and lounges, renovated the luxury suites and added two elevator towers to offer guests more accessible options. We were also given the privilege of overseeing the installation of Dodger Stadium’s first Jackie Robinson statue, a fitting tribute to the trailblazing Hall of Famer. 

As with any historical building, we needed to ensure that each stage of construction retained elements of the original design. To incorporate elements of the original stadium design materials such as custom masonry “Dodger Blocks” and corrugated metals panels are added to all new projects.

“PCL has proved flexible and able to respond quickly to our needs, both managing small projects on short notice as well as planning major construction in the off season. We admire and respect their attention to design, our budgets and the challenging schedules.” says Janet Marie Smith, senior vice president of planning and development, Los Angeles Dodgers.