As the construction industry pushes for gender equality, women at PCL are paving the way for the next generation of leaders. Vice President and District Manager Monique Buckberger, Operations Manager Lisa Kurina, Special Projects Manager Cheyanne Hammell and District HSE Manager Natasha Mesnic — all with PCL Toronto — collectively bring more than 90 years of PCL experience to the industry.

With different lived experiences and unique leadership journeys, these industry trailblazers contribute valuable diversity of thought and innovative solutions. Hear from each of them as they share insights into their own knowledge and ideas for shaping the future of the construction industry.

“Consistently engaging in both physical exercise and mental stimulation each day cultivates a balanced foundation for success. Recognizing and harnessing my peak performance hours empowers me to allocate focused effort when productivity is at its peak. By intertwining the cultivation of both mind and body with strategic time management, I pave the way for sustained achievement and personal growth.” – Monique Buckberger

“At the end of the workday, I reflect on current actions and priorities and update my to-do list accordingly. My travel home gives me the opportunity to switch to family mode, and I look forward to our family dinner that includes updates on everyone’s days. For my well-being, I make sure to have some quiet time before bed to stretch and decompress.” – Lisa Kurina

“One thing that helps me is my commute to work, as crazy as that may sound! I like to use that time in the morning to think about everything I’d like to accomplish for the day, prioritize items and mentally prepare for the day so I’m ready to jump right in when I arrive.” – Cheyanne Hammell

“I like to set aside some ‘me time,’ whether it’s a long walk, a Pilates class or simply having a cup of tea. Depending on the day, this time for myself allows me to focus on what’s ahead or to clear my mind and reset.” – Natasha Mesnic

“If I could advise my past self when I was starting in construction, I'd emphasize the importance of comprehensively understanding the business beyond the technical aspects. Taking the time to grasp the financial, logistical and strategic dimensions of the industry enables more informed decision making and fosters long-term success. Embracing a holistic perspective early on would have provided a solid foundation for navigating the complexities of the construction field.” – MB

“Enjoy the journey. Construction is a fast-paced business that resembles a roller coaster most days. Appreciate the amazing people you work with and what we are able to create as a team. Take the time to celebrate the wins.” – LK

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you’re out of your comfort zone, that is when you’re learning and developing the most. Although it’s often hard to see the benefits of that and it may be easier to stay in your safe zone, you’re not challenging yourself to grow when you’re comfortable.” – CH

“Be a sponge and ask questions! Construction is a field full of knowledge, so absorb as much as you can. You may not realize how much valuable information is at your fingertips that will help you in the future.” – NM

“Companies can start by actively creating inclusive workplaces that welcome and support women. This involves removing barriers such as gender biases in hiring, promotion and project assignments. Providing mentorship, networking opportunities and professional development programs tailored to women's needs can also play a crucial role in fostering gender diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry.” – MB

“Mentorship and sponsorship for women in construction are important and effective ways to assist women in this industry. These help with addressing unconscious biases and promote building strong and supportive relationships, and we take pride in having both sponsorship and mentorship programs here at PCL Toronto.” – LK

“Early engagement of one-on-one focused mentorship of women helps to ensure they build their confidence at the start of their careers and then continue with that momentum. When women are able to build up their behavioral confidence early on, it leads to natural sponsorship opportunities.” – CH

“By creating a culture of inclusion and respect. An inclusive workplace that fosters a positive work environment where women are valued, supported and respected increases the number and diversity of women in construction. It’s a win-win; women feel valued and the industry benefits from their talents, perspectives and contributions.” – NM

“There are often unique responsibilities and expectations placed upon me, but I navigate them by striving to be a positive role model for everyone, regardless of gender. I believe in leading by example and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to succeed. By prioritizing meritocracy and integrity in my leadership approach, I aim to challenge stereotypes and inspire others to reach their full potential.” – MB

“Over my leadership journey and as one of a few women in senior operations leadership roles at PCL, I’ve at times felt that my actions were more scrutinized than others’. The best way I found to manage this was to perform to my very best each day and to focus on my team to ensure their success.” – LK

“I think there are unique expectations on women leaders in regard to championing other women, which of course we do emphatically, but to really make an impactful change, we need everyone to do the same!” – CH

“I never really considered my gender and felt working hard is the best approach. In my position, I feel responsible to set a good example and be a positive role model to other women. I hope being in my position inspires other women and breaks down any stereotypes that may be holding them back.” — NM

“As a leader in the construction industry, my aim is to foster a culture of innovation, responsibility and inclusion to progress the industry and drive positive change in the way we build for diverse stakeholders and communities through collaboration, integrity and excellence.” – MB

“I hope that I have inspired and assisted in the growth of many of our PCL team members. I also hope that I have led the way for more women to take leadership roles in the construction industry as this will assist the industry in continuing to move forward with innovation and solutions in an ever-changing world.” – LK

“I hope to be able to encourage more people to view construction as a rewarding and exciting career. I’d love to help change the mindset that there are limited career possibilities for women by demonstrating that there is a space for women in leadership positions.” – CH

“I hope to enhance a robust safety culture among our trade partners and the industry as a whole to ultimately transform safety from a state of compliance to a state of mind.” – NM

Monique Buckberger, Vice President and District Manager

Monique brings deep skills and fresh insights to PCL’s Buildings, Civil and Special Projects operations in southwestern Ontario as a member of PCL Toronto’s three-person leadership team. With extensive market experience honed by her 28 years at PCL, Monique pushes boundaries and models the way for the next generation of builders while focusing on driving value to clients by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to success. 

Lisa Kurina, Operations Manager

One of three operations managers in Toronto, Lisa has created buildings that foster thriving communities for 25 years at PCL, with her extensive skill set coupled with her innate ability to foster professional relationships. She is committed to being an authentic leader who supports the professional development of others in the industry and pushes them to see the best in themselves and to achieve success.

Cheyanne Hammell, Special Projects Manager

Cheyanne’s talent for problem-solving helps her to transform project ideas into successful outcomes for her clients as she manages PCL Toronto’s unique, specialized projects. More than 17 years after finding her passion for construction during her first of four student co-op terms at PCL, she continues to deliver customized solutions that provide her clients with quality results through streamlined worry-free construction.

Natasha Mesnic, District HSE Manager

Natasha embodies unwavering dedication to safety and passion in fostering a culture of safety excellence. She started her safety journey 20 years ago with her boots on the ground. Now she is leading PCL Toronto’s robust safety program and elevating safety standards across the district with the commitment to ensure that every individual returns home safely each day.

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